Hello there! I'm Jeppe, a

frontend developer

living in beautiful Odense, Denmark.

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Better FPL

A chrome extension that helps Fantasy Premier League enthusiasts by adding additional data to the games site.

Windy Wings

An AR app built with React Native for energy giant Ørsted where you can design your own windmill and place it in your surroundings.


Play Editorial Interface (PEI) is a dashboard for content editors at TV2 to handle all of their programming on TV2 Play.

TV2 Play E2E tests

Added E2E tests to the Play Web teams CI/CD pipeline to take the workload of repetitive tasks off the QA testers.

Deloitte FACT

A dashboard for Deloitte auditors to create audits and reports from templates greatly reducing time spent on such tasks.

Odense ZOO

I was the frontend developer on this team tasked with adding dynamic modules using Vue.


I'm 28 living alone in Odense, Denmark where I have lived for going on seven years now. My ineterests are crossfit, heavy metal, and making things on my computer.

Code quality, readability, and ease of use by the end user are what drives me and the work I do. When I'm happy about the way I solved a problem and I get positive feedback from people using it it's just the best.


  • The languages
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • The libraries
  • React
  • Vue
  • The frameworks
  • NestJS
  • React Native
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • Gatsby
  • The other
  • NodeJS
  • whiteArtboard 1 Umbraco
  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS


Nov 2014 – Apr 2018

I started at Ecreo while I was still studying and then got a full time position as a frontend developer.

Apr 2018 –

I work at Abtion as a senior frontend developer with a high focus on user interface development with javascript.


We can talk about your business, programmin, or how much we miss watching football (and managing our fantasy teams 😭) - anyhting really!